NEW ORION Transceiver Announcement from Abhi at Apache-Labs

PureSignal adaptive pre-distortion linearization
announced 1/24/2014
new v3.2.8 contains first release PureSignal,
new WDSP, and new rbf 2.5b firmware

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releases of fantastic new firmware and software:
  • "WDSP"© (Warren NR0V totally new DSP replacement for Dttsp

  • "PureSignal"© (Warren NR0V new Tx Optimization software accompanied
    by new firmware from Phil VK6PH and Joe K5SO to reduce Tx IMD using
    Pre-distortion Linearization and optimization techniques.

  • New Android, Linux, and Windows application "JHPSDR"© from John Melton
    GØORS/N6LYT running on the ANDROID TABLET, Linux and Windows.

  • New and exciting products from Apache-Labs LLC®

NEW ORION Transceiver Announcement from Abhi at Apache-Labs

On 1/26/2014 7:46 AM, abhiarunoday16@yahoo.com wrote:
Orion Software Defined Radio Platform

The OpenHPSDR group have always been innovators and pioneers, it is my pleasure to have worked with this exceptional group. Together our innovation will keep you, our users, ahead and benefit from the latest innovations in Software Defined Radios.

It is my honor to announce the new Orion SDR transceiver, Orion builds on the extremely popular OpenHPSDR Hermes and Angelia designs.

My sincere thanks to the Orion Design Team:

·Joe Martin, K5SO - Conceptualization of Design, Firmware & beta testing

·Doug Wigley, W5WC - PC software development, integration & beta testing

·Phil Harman, VK6PH - Hardware Design inputs, Orion FPGA Rx/Tx, PHY code
based on Phil's work & beta testing

·Warren C Pratt, NR0V - Developer of WDSP, the DSP Processing core used
in the Orion SDR

There are many firsts that Orion introduces in the HF radio space, this is the first triple phase coherent receive system with an extremely robust and sensitive front end and opens up possibilities of applications such as HFDF, Receiver beam steering to name a few.

Orion has been designed keeping in mind advanced applications and uses the largest FPGA in any commercially available Amateur Radio SDR,

Apache Labs will shortly launch Orion in various flavors :

a) The first version would be housed in the same form factor as the ANAN-100D and will provide similar performance with two ADCs and the added advantage of even more FPGA processing power and headroom, this transceiver would be ideal for those who are not comfortable opening the radio to set jumpers etc and would like a Plug & Play solution, the specific benefits offered by the new design are:

·A much Larger FPGA

·The Mic connector PTT/Mic/Bias settings are now under software control

·Automatic switching of the 10Mhz Internal/External reference

·A much more stable internal reference clock at 100PPB

·Predistortion Feedback network built in the radio, no software tweaks or external hardware required

We expect to announce pricing and availability of this model soon.

b) The second option would include all three ADC front ends, in order to incorporate adequate shielding for triple Rx phase synchronous applications a completely new housing is being designed from scratch, we currently do not have an ETD on this model as yet.

Orion will also be available as a building block with the third ADC daughter card option shortly.

Please refer the Orion Introductory document for further details,



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